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INDIE BLUE was founded by portrait photographers in 2018 to meet the need for whimsical, nature-inspired clothing that clients can use for photo sessions and beyond.

Ethically sourced from makers and even individual artisans around the world, these pieces are handmade in most cases, yet also durable. We know little ones are full of life and need clothes that can keep up with them, while also retaining the hallmarks of Simplicity, Beauty and Grace that are Indie Blue.  

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Learn more about and our amazing niece Colbie at the link below. Rare diseases desperately need our attention and support!  

"Imagine if we could change the fate of KAND, a progressive—sometimes fatal—neurodegenerative disorder. Instead of a doctor telling parents there’s nothing they can do to help or save their child, we envision a future where doctors can say “It’s going to be okay. There is treatment.” With your help, we CAN change the fate of this disease. Be the hero to our superheroes."