Why Muslin?

We have other fabrics than muslin coming very soon, but Muslin will be a staple fabric for Indie Blue year around. 100 percent cotton, layered and beautiful — we find this fabric well suits the nature-inspired vision we have for Indie Blue. From the beach to the mountains, this fabric is versatile in locations and temperature — and photographs beautifully which we can’t help think about as photographers :).


How do I care for your products?

As with many handmade pieces, hand washing is recommended as well as air drying. Your muslin will naturally wrinkle up, which we show in most of the pictures. You can choose to iron it, but we love the natural, airy feel of the wrinkled muslin and personally hate to iron!


Sizing advice?

Our items are true to size but every child is different. If in doubt, size up. When you get your item, it will be washed and ironed so it will be a bit longer. Once washed, the natural wrinkling of the muslin will shorten the outfit anywhere from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. 


Is Indie Blue affiliated with any other brands?

No, we are a small brand started by two moms (and photographers) who love dressing our babies in earthy and special textiles. We had a common vision of what is beautiful as well as a great bond of friendship. We decided to go in together for our shared dream. It’s already been amazing to see the collection come to life!


Will you ship outside of the US?

Yes, we plan to extend our reach to customers outside of the US. For our first releases, we are shipping to US only but hope to extend our options soon.


Are these limited quantity releases?

Small brands have a much larger reach these days thanks to technology and social media. But as a small brand, we have to grow strategically and make sure our quantities meet the demand so we can continue to bring you fresh styles. For this reason, our items are limited in quantity and will go fast. We will respond to demand as quickly as possible and we ask that you bear with us as we get to know our market. Our first customers will always have a special place in our hearts!